The Yucca Group is a leader in virtualizing Tier 1 workloads of business critical applications.

Our experience will help you successfully virtualize your enterprise applications and systems including

  • Exchange

  • SQL Server

  • MS System Center

Why You Want to Virtualize Business Critical Systems 

  • Cost Reduction – Reduce capital expenditures on hardware and processor based application licensing.  Reduce operating expenses through streamlined manageability and compressed roll out, development and quality assurance cycles

  • High Availability (HA) – VMware can make every virtualized application highly available working with or without existing HA methods.

  • Validatable Disaster Recovery (DR) – Traditional remote site DR has historically been difficult, if not impossible, to fully validate.  VMware provides remote DR of any virtualized application which then can be fully and regularly tested to verify reliability without any impact on production.

  • Security – VMware can provide complete isolation between systems on the same host including memory, processor, storage and networking .  It can do real time analysis of network traffic to and from every system searching for sensitive information such as credit card numbers, SSNs, etc..  Virtual switches are less vulnerable to common attacks such as MAC spoofing and random frame.

  • License Optimization – Reduced hardware-based licenses by much more fully loading hosts.  Combine pre-production and production workloads on the same servers without impacting each other.  Simplify DR licensing.

  • Optimize Development, Test and Release Cycles – Production virtualized systems can be quickly cloned to isolated test and development environments.  Production systems can be quickly provisioned.

  • Capture/Resolve Production Environment Errors  – A snapshot can be taken after a production error and used to troubleshoot and resolve it in a safe and isolated environment.